Zack Morris is Trash!

There's this playlist on Funny or Die's YouTube channel that currently at the time of this posting has 51 videos exclusively proving that the fictional character Zack Morris is just the worse.

There's a fan theory that the entire Saved by the Bell series takes place in Zack Morris' imagination during the only season of Good Morning, Miss Bliss. I've only seen about five episodes total of Saved by the Bell and no episodes of Good Morning, Miss Bliss so I am not qualified to write a post about it in the Fan Theories community. However, the Wikipedia entry for Good Morning, Miss Bliss describes that series' Zack Morris as "...a charming, manipulative scamp; lazy and not a good student and always looking for the easy way out." Maybe that makes the fan theory consistent with Zack Morris being trash. Zack Morris may fantasize his own characteristics to be an advantage. I don't know. Maybe someone who has seen the show more can fill me in on this '90s sociopath.