YouTube Puppet Videos

I've had a long day and now I am tired. Are you tired? O.K. Let's sit back and watch some puppet videos on YouTube. After "Admaggedon" and new algorithms that shut down perfectly good YouTube accounts I think puppet videos are pretty much symbolic of where YouTube is right now in 2018.

First in our selection tonight is a short reenactment of the Doctor Who episode "The Waters of Mars". While "The Waters of Mars" wouldn't be on my top ten list of favorite episodes from the modern Doctor Who era I love how the David Tennant as the tenth Doctor puppet is presented.

But maybe viruses creating Martian zombie puppets isn't your thing. That's cool. There are Earth zombie videos. Here is a YouTube vlog introduction for Zombie University from the Glove and Boots channel.

Assuming survival of both the Martian and Earth zombies there will most likely be a long life ahead. But what about retirement? In that case we need a video that helps to teach about the past mistakes investors have made when planning for their future. Lucky for us there is a Sesame Street parody video to cover that.

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