Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Look Before the Leap Matter

Let's start off the Radio Theatre community with a program that aired on CBS radio approximately 60 years ago today at the time of this posting.

It's a race against time and a trip to Paris, France for freelance insurance investigator Johnny Dollar. The stakes are high: a $10,000 bonus plus expenses if the job gets done. Nothing if Johnny Dollar fails.

On February 27, 1960 Johnny Dollar gets a call from Pat McCracken of the Universal Adjustment Bureau assigning Johnny to follow up on an almost six year old case. A criminal, "Barney the Bum" Margot, was reported by a witness to have jumped off a bridge and committed suicide. Now the same witness has come forward claiming to have seen Margot in France a few weeks ago.

A $300,000 policy will have to be paid off by the insurance company if Barney Margot isn't produced by March 01, 1960. Johnny has to race to Paris, find out if Barney Margot is still alive, apprehend him and return him to the United States before the deadline.

Johnny Dollar only has a little over one day to accomplish all that. Or so he thinks.

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