You Have It Too Easy

For my meme today I wanted to express how I currently feel during the current global pandemic.

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Due to my medical history I've been told that the current strain of coronavirus would probably be particularly bad for me if I caught it. Therefore, I avoid contact with anyone during daily walks around the neighborhood and I only make trips when necessary such as medical appointments...

and that one time to 7-Eleven because I really, really needed a soda. I have seriously been cutting back on the sugar since I can't just go to CVS whenever I want. It was a calculated risk and I thoroughly scrubbed down when I got back home.

It's not all bad being stuck at home. I have a computer to communicate like right now on this post. I have an amateur radio license for even more communication and in case of emergency. There is literally I don't know how much free media on-line to keep me entertained and that's just limiting myself to the non-pirated 100% legal media available. I've even signed up for a free course on for learning basic python programming.

Maybe if this goes into month six or seven I might start to feel different but right now I am thriving.

Does this post seem too optimistic? The source I got the image for my meme from is an article about how Alf probably isn't going to be rebooted anytime soon. That made me sad.