Worldbuilding Inspired by COVID-19 Pandemic

Lately I've been deleting old posts from Steem. While I am waiting for the resource credits to regenerate for further deleting I've been looking over the old posts. One post I forgot about on the blog from almost a year ago today is a little uncanny due to having now lived during a global pandemic.

I am thinking that old post could be fodder for some fiction that parallels current events. Maybe the post should be expanded into a full story.

On August 10, 2019 the blog post "A Message From Jenny" basically described what can be best labeled a supernatural pandemic. The post stated that what was happening in the parallel universe started "around February or March of 2015" and also warns that the pandemic could be spread to "our" world.

As stated before whatever causes the changes to occur in my world isn't contagious in the usual ways. I don't think I brought it with me when I shifted into your reality. If nobody starts changing in the next few months consider yourselves lucky or just assume this is all fiction. If you start to see people begin to change in a few weeks I am deeply sorry for the devastation that your world will experience.


Image source: @holovision blog

What was happening on that parallel world probably isn't the same thing as COVID-19. I am not an expert but I don't think symptoms vary from universe to universe. At worst coronavirus could have been one of a dozen things brought over. I am sure the current pandemic starting a few months after the post was published is just coincidence. Don't blame me.