Will Smith as a Hologram at the 2033 Oscars

I know what the Academy Board decided in the Will Smith case is controversial. Personally I doubt banning Will Smith for ten years is going to give science enough time to develop the holographic technology necessary to have Will Smith virtually there without posing a threat to presenters on stage.

I am a little concerned that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences didn't take the warning seriously from their scientific advisor that advances in acoustic holograms might give Will Smith the ability to still slap with force in the 2030s. We're already seeing ultrasound being used to create holograms people can "feel". If Will Smith invests his money wisely with interest over ten years he could probably buy an ultrasound hologram cloak from WayneTech.

We've already seen a hologram that can slap a person in a Star Trek series. You know, the franchise that predicted cellphones and medical scanners. Why can't they see this coming? I predict that in 2033 Will Smith is going to exact revenge. He'll be slapping people but nobody will be able to slap him back. You'll see!