HODLing POB Won't be a Mistake

Right now there is an exchange offer for POB to get VYB. One of the main reasons I am not unstaking and taking advantage of the offer is that I have a goal: 50,000 staked POB by 2025 when Proof of Brain token halves its block rewards.

For a brief time a few months ago I was unstaking and selling off POB to fund @memehive. I bought those tokens back and then some more. Right now I am on track to staking 15,000 POB by the end of this year.

Can you guess what happens when I don't HODL a token?

I was on "the other blockchain" and when it hard forked I moved to Hive. Back on "the other blockchain" was this thing called "Steemhunt" and it had HUNT tokens. After Hive and that other blockchain split Steemhunt stayed on "the other blockchain" and is still on that other platform today. HUNT token moved to the Ethereum blockchain though.

I remember when HUNT was worth a fraction of a cent USD. Even when the blockchains split in spring 2020 a single HUNT token was worth virtually nothing. A few hundred or a thousand HUNT would get you $1 USD. Don't just take my word for it. I traded @transcript-junky a few dollars worth of ETH at the time for thousands of HUNT.

After leaving that other blockchain I sold off tens of thousands of HUNT when each HUNT was less than a cent to get some HIVE.

A single HUNT token today is worth over $1 USD.

Meme Source: South Park