Why I Created GOD

Hello everyone. Before I announce a plan on forming a GEEK token team and distributing GEEK tokens I want to try to make things right with all those involved in the GEEK airdrop. The EngineAirDrop program gave most of the users their GEEK but some got twice the intended amount from the program and others had to wait until I could manually issue their GEEK tokens.

To compensate everyone on the GEEK airdrop list for the inconvenience I am going to attempt to do another airdrop with a brand new token to make up for the GEEK airdrop that didn't work out completely as planned. Let's pray it works this time.


This new airdrop will have only 5000 of the new token rather than the 10,000 tokens of the previous airdrop and this new token will have half the total supply compared to GEEK for scarcity value.

I wanted to make this token more powerful than GEEK and I might have gone a llliitttlleee teeny-tiny bit overboard naming the new token.

I have learned my lesson from the last airdrop. For this new airdrop I paid for the steem-engine service. It cost almost 110 ENG but this time everybody should get the new token in a timely manner.


Photo Source: steem-engine.com


Photo Source: steemd.com

No freeware this time. What could possibly go wrong?


Phoro Source: Discord

Anyway, soon everything should be straightened out and the airdrop of the new token will occur. You can believe that or not because this new token is whatever you believe it is.