Whatsthatbulb - Neural Net Identifying Mystery Light Bulbs


Neural Net Identifying Mystery Light Bulbs



Hunter's comment

Old decorative lamps can be beautiful but they are notorious for needing special light bulbs. Usually finding out what kind of bulb you're replacing can be hard if not impossible because the printed labels aren't clear.

What do you do if you have a broken bulb but don't have the information to get a replacement? The website whatsthatbulb.com may be able to help. whatsthatbulb.com is connected to a neural network that has been trained using "deep learning" to identify light bulbs. Simply upload a photo of your mystery light bulb against a plain background to the whatsthatbulb.com website and the neural network will try to identify the bulb and display all the information needed such as brand and style making replacement much easier.




Hunter: @holovision


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