What Will Happen to @geektoken?

The GEEK token team is currently being assembled over at @geektoken and rewards will start to be given out for content soon. If you want to help the team members find your content the tag to use is geektokens. After December 31, 2019 any GEEK tokens not minted or issued will be sent to @null for burning. On January 01, 2020 at most there will be 500 million tokens. Whatever GEEK is in circulation at that time will be the GEEK that exists and will ever exist.

Looking at the GEEK rich list it looks like most accounts that got the airdrop didn't sell it immediately. Hopefully the trend of hodling GEEK will continue as rewards are disbursed but even if selling GEEK increases it should be a short term problem. The limited amount of GEEK along with more users getting interested in steem engine tokens most likely will be positive for GEEK in the long run.

Recently a STEMGeeks tribe was created by @stemgeeks . That shouldn't be a problem for anybody nor should anybody think it negatively impacts GEEK. STEMGeek (STEM) is a token for technology, math, science and engineering content. Even though GEEK overlaps that GEEK is more of a "geek culture" token that can reward aspects of geek interests such as fantasy and cosplay. Also, GEEK is more scarce than STEM when comparing supply. 


After the GEEK tokens are distributed the other major asset that needs to be taken care of is the @geektoken account.

If anybody wants to take over the account READ CAREFULLY:

I will give the @geektoken account to anybody who wants to continue the project of rewarding geeky content. What this means is anybody who is willing to spend 100 ENG tokens at steem-engine.com to create a new token for Geek Rewards gets the @geektoken account. Once someone creates the new Geek Rewards token I will e-mail them a .pdf file with all the account keys for @geektoken. THE NEW OWNER IS THEN RESPONSIBLE FOR CHANGING THE ACCOUNT KEYS.

Contact me with your intention before creating a new Geek Rewards token because this is one account and if two different people simultaneously create tokens one will be disappointed. I can give one the go ahead and if a second person wants to create a token for the account I can let them know it's too late.

The GEEK symbol has already been used so a new token symbol would have to be used. GEEKY or GEEKER or maybe even something like NERD. Since the account name is @geektoken the new token name needs to be something like Geek Rewards 2.0 or Geek Token or something that reasonably goes with the account name.

Right now the @geektoken steemit account has over 100 Steem Power which is roughly equal in value to the current cost of creating a new token on steem-engine.com. Along with the comes the curse a wicked witch put on the account. @geektoken steem-engine wallet. All the GEEK currently in it will be going to pay team members but the magical curse other tokens like BEER will be the property of the new @geektoken owner.

Anybody willing to take over the project?