What will be Considered "Primitive" in 100 Years?

Below is a video from The Infographics Show YouTube channel. I am giving my basic opinions in response and posting them on the Hive blockchain. Maybe in 100 years someone will look at my opinions and laugh at my primitive views. To that I say, "Bunga bunga!"

For the start of the video I agree that manual driving will be primitive in 100 years. I am legally blind and have never driven a car so I am not sure if I would be able to own and use a driverless car. My guess is yes because it would count as an assistive technology.

I think the video also gets it right with manual labor. There's simply too much economic pressure for it not to be inevitable. For the workers side a universal basic income would probably be the solution for displaced employees.

This video was posted in 2018 and already during the current 2020 pandemic there are signs traditional education has been changed forever. More distance education has had to take place and thus experimentally the pros and cons are being identified.

I think physical money will still exist in some form in 100 years. Cryptocurrency can be more ubiquitous but there will most likely still be people who believe that if you can't hold your money than it isn't really secure.

Plastics being primitive in 100 years? I'll call that a maybe. Plastics have several useful properties as a material and I think it's likely that better ways to manage plastic waste can be developed.

Fossil fuels may no longer be used but I am pretty sure petroleum will still be used. The chemistry of petroleum allows for things such as fertilizers and solvents and I don't see the chemical engineering behind petroleum being completely abandonded in 100 years.

I think the issues of "war on drugs" and gender labeling are more socially a pendulum that goes from one extreme to the other. Those are far more social than technological and won't be as easily resolved to an equilibrium.