What the %@$&*! was Bananaman???

While growing up during the late 1980s one of the channels I would watch often was Nickelodeon. Around that time Nickelodeon seemed to embrace British cartoons as much as it did American and Canadian animated series. According to Wikipedia the Special Delivery anthology series was basically filler until Nickelodeon could build up it's own catalog of original programs. Maybe those cartoons were also meant just to fill time slots.

This is not to suggest the British animation was bad. I was cool with Danger Mouse. Danger Mouse was good enough to be rebooted as a Netflix original. I was on board with Count Duckula. There was one cartoon though that even my childish suspension of disbelief couldn't fully handle.

Thanks to the internet I can not only prove that this was an actual thing but also try to figure out what this thing was. Really, really sorry I did that. Apparently a digital version of Bananaman's adventures are still being produced. Is everything all right over there in Europe? Do you need some help? Bananaman still existing as a thing seems like a cry for help.

This post is focused on the 1983-86 animated cartoon rather than the comic series. After almost four decades I still have so many questions about this series. What are Bananaman's origins? The Wikipedia entry gives at least two scenarios so like Joker Bananaman likes his past to be multiple choice? What's with the crow sidekick? Are crows somehow associated with bananas? Why is Eric Twinge only romantically interested in the newsreading woman after he transforms into Bananaman? Does that make Eric Twinge a bananasexual?

Is there some kind of scale for campy superheroes? Maybe on one side there is something like Adam West's Batman. Somewhere in the median lies Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. Then along comes Bananaman skewing the scale off the chart because its camp density is similar to a neutron star.

Let me guess. Just like Transformers the whole Bananaman cartoon series was really '80s direct advertising toward kids, right? It's time the truth comes out. %$#@ you Standard Fruit Company! %$#@ you to &^!!.