What SCP Object would you like to Own?

By now you've most likely received some holiday presents. Did you get anything special? Perhaps something at least a little unusual?

The above video from the SCP Explained - Story & Animation YouTube channel goes over some SCP anomalies that are, as Rick Sanchez would describe, "Twilight Zone Ray Bradbury Friday the 13th the series voodoo crap magic", but without any hidden catches or high risk of danger. Sorry. Thinking about "good" SCPs reminds me of that scene from "Something Ricked This Way Comes".

I guess if I had to choose only one SCP from the video to own I'd pick SCP-5094. I can think of a few not in the video that I might be willing to take a chance in owning. Maybe SCP-1802. "Skip" the robot is kind of a one trick robot though so maybe SCP-846 is worth the risk for the utility and entertainment.

I like robots. What anomalous SCP object would you want to own?