What if Tsar Nicholas II Survived the Assassination?

So far I think this is the best alternate history video that is on the Monsieur Z YouTube channel. The one about Austrailia winning the Emu War is hilarious but the way this video goes through the scenario is wonderful. I'll use the video as a spoiler space so please watch this before reading further.

First, the scenario could have had a good probability to have happened. Any other member of the Romanov family surviving the first few minutes would be unlikely. If Tsar Nicholas II had been blessed with a little more luck and opportunity this alternate history could have started unfolding exactly as described.

Someone really needs to buy the rights to this story and make a novelization or motion picture from it. The Tsar of Russia evades virtually certain death and vows to avenge the cold blooded murder of his family. That right there is potential Hollywood gold.

Tsar Nicholas II then does the almost impossible. He single handedly fends off numerous Bolshevik soldiers to the point that he almost dies yet again of exhaustion. Maybe if this was adapted into a movie the spirit of Rasputin would occasionally be present. Whether that was due to paranormal or just the Tsar's imagination creating Rasputin under the stressful dire straits he was in could be up to the viewer. This could in a way be made a little comical because Tsar Nicholas II would have the dead bodies of his family in the other room and Tsar Nicholas II would demand to know where their spirits are. Rasputin would give a cliché quote taken from the bible.

After reinforcements arrive Tsar Nicholas II then recovers quickly to lead the White Army. All the action leading up to Tsar Nicholas II's confrontation with Lenin would also be fantastic but the Tsar finally going to meet Wilhelm II would be a rather meh anticlimax for a movie. If there's really to be an emotional ending it should be the murdered Romanov family members getting a respectful funeral service.