Alternate Gilligan's Island Part I: What if Gilligan's Island had a Fourth Season?

I really need one of those Rick and Morty interdimensional cable boxes. Maybe if I am lucky Heaven is where my favorite shows have infinite seasons. Some shows just end too soon and without a multiverse those shows will forever remain that way.

For example take Gilligan's Island. According to the video from the rick nineg YouTube channel below and a page on a fourth season was already being planned when the series was suddenly canceled.

There's no indication that the ten planned episodes would have been in that production order but it looks like early in the fourth season Ginger (Tina Louise) would have been "rescued" and no longer in the cast; being replaced by two new actresses that would have been new characters named Miss Krissy and Miss Sally. In the eternal question of "Ginger or Mary Ann?" I answer Mary Ann so I would have seen that as a trade up for the show.

Ten episodes is roughly a third of a Gilligan's Island season. Whether early or late in the season I would have liked to have seen "My Favorite Alien" in which "A silly alien lands on the island."

Why would I have liked to have seen that episode? I'll save that for a part II post.

To be continued....