Welcome to Show and Tell Hivemind Community

In this hivemind community bragging about something awesome you've done or own isn't just acceptable-it's encouraged!

If anybody isn't familiar with the "show and tell" concept Wikipedia defines it this way:

Show and tell is the practice of showing something to an audience and telling them about it. In the United Kingdom, North America, New Zealand and Australia, it is a common classroom activity at early elementary school. It is used to teach young children the skills of public speaking. For example, a child will bring an item from home and will explain to the class why they chose that particular item, where they got it, and other relevant information.

Posts in this community can be purely text with a picture but the "tell" part also anticipates that in the future more posts with video will be made as use of services such as DTube and 3Speak becomes more common on the steem blockchain.

For this community Steemians can make a "Show and Tell" post with the parameters:  Why the Steemian chose to post about their particular item, where they got it and other relevant information. It could be about a birthday or holiday present, something they built, something they won in a contest, an item of sentimental value, ect.

Photo Source: giphy.com