Wait One Moment...Did He Really See That Coming...?

Years ago I read a book about Edgar Cayce. The most fascinating thing I read about him in the book was Cayce's claimed vision about being born again in the year 2100 A.D. However, there was one thing I couldn't figure out back then: The ship he described traveling in almost 200 years in the future (from the time he was living in) was clearly more technological but the scientists he described meeting had "thick glasses" like you might expect to see someone wear back around the 1930s when the prediction was made.

It seemed to me that in the far future most eyesight conditions requiring people to wear thick glasses would be cured or far more treatable. Today, it finally hit me: Google Glass. Those "thick glasses" were a computer system.

I think I've finally solved that mystery. It turns out the first person to predict that Google would enslave Earth was Edgar Cayce. Makes sense to me.

Photo Source: wtvox.com

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