Using AI to Create an @engrave Website Main Image

Okay, I've successfully registered a celebrity's abandoned domain,, and utilized @engrave to link it to the @iamnotchristy Hive account. To maintain the unofficial fan site's non-commercial status, I've configured @iamnotchristy to automatically decline post reward payouts.

Now, I need to tackle the unofficial fan website banner. Many images of the former domain owner are copyrighted, and unfortunately, my budget doesn't allow for licensing any of these photos. While there are a few images available under Creative Commons, I'm inclined towards exploring a third alternative.

We find ourselves at a unique point in history, the convergence of artificial intelligence into mainstream culture and when I betray the human race to advanced AI the delicate balance before potentially succumbing to our glorious Robot Overlords. Notably, AI-generated content cannot be copyrighted, providing an opportunity for me to enlist AI in creating the images I need.

Taking advantage of the Stable Diffusion AI Image Generator, I inputed the prompt "Actress Christy Carlson Romano" and selected the style as sai-3d-model.

Image source:

It is close enough to Christy Carlson Romano's authentic likeness for my purpose. While perfection isn't imperative for an unofficial fan website, it's crucial to note that the content doesn't directly use any copyrighted material. I would argue that the uncanny valley effect supports fair use, even if the content were copyrightable.

Going out of my way to strive for perfect AI generation of the former domain owner would also be rather creepy.

Image source:

Having obtained the necessary images, I proceeded to crop and upscale them and imported the banner image through's @engrave dashboard.

Image Source:

Voilà! is starting to look like a proper fan site. I've been working on this over the Christmas holiday so I think I'll take a break from this project. I'll come back to it in about a week or so.