Ultimate Guide to the Flat Earth (Nonsense)

One of the things that a lot of "Flat Earth" supporters seem to say can be paraphrased as, "I thought believing in a flat Earth was crazy but then I researched it..." That's probably a true claim but also demonstrates the problem that got the supporters where they are. They spent a lot of time learning from others who already believe that the Earth is flat and they don't get a scientific rebuttal to what is being presented. Anything a flat Earth supporter might give as a rebuttal to what they are presenting is usually misinformed, out of context and/or phrased to be mocking. Learning objective scientific facts from someone who has spent years telling anyone who will listen that the Earth is flat is like sending a child to a Catholic school expecting the child to learn how to question the authority of the Pope. For a more secular analogy it would be like asking a judge over here in a L.A. county court about jury nullification during voir dire. The difference between those two analogies is being told you're going to Hell or just being told to go to Hell for bringing up an alternative perspective.

Above is a video from the SciManDan YouTube channel titled "The Ultimate Guide to Flat Earth!". It's a great video and very informative but the video title itself I question. SciManDan has a targeted audience of YouTube users and SciManDan uses YouTube clips that he responds to. That's only sampling the data about supporters of a flat Earth model from YouTube. If something is to be called an "ultimate guide" I think it should also include others outside the YouTube platform. For example, right here on the Hive platform is @flatearth who administrates this community. Probably not the best example since @flatearth has been inactive on both Hive and Steem since earlier this year. It seems like @flatearth has fallen off the face of the Earth but of course that is impossible. It is the Earth's Moon that has a face.

Image Source: Screenshot from Le Voyage dans la lune (Public Domain)