Trying to Sell My ENS Domain

Earlier today I was trying to auction off my ENS domain ethereumbusiness.eth on Lately I've been dropping the price since I just want to get rid of most of my ethereum stuff and focus on Hive. The last time I tried to auction off ethereumbusiness.eth I offered it for 0.05 ETH. Apparently now has a temporary mandatory 1 ETH reserve price minimum due to ethereum's gas fees being too high. I set ethereumbusiness.eth at 0.72 which is what claims is "Average price an item [Ethereum Name Service domain] was last sold for". As far as I can see it doesn't matter if I try to auction off ethereumbusiness.eth for 0.01 ETH or 0.99 ETH. It's going to be listed for 0.72 ETH with the hidden reserve price of 1.0 ETH for the next five days and even if someone does bid 0.72 ETH my ENS domain won't be sold by due to the minimum reserve price not being met. The smallest amount I can currently sell ethereumbusiness.eth for is 1.0 ETH and if I couldn't sell it at 0.05 ETH i seriously doubt anyone will now pay 1.0 ETH for it.

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I guess it's a little like the lottery. Maybe I have a small extremely slim chance of selling ethereumbusiness.eth for 1.0 ETH five days from now. If I did that would be the jackpot. Right now 1 ETH is around 9500 Hive. If I hit that jackpot I'll put it all toward finally starting the MemeHive tribe. Plenty of Hive Power for @memehive. Setting scotbot for MEME. Delegation for the MEME token. Official website. The works.

Sigh. I couldn't sell it for 0.05 ETH. I can't quite say that I should have traded the ETH I used to register the ENS domain for Hive instead because Hive didn't exist when I registered ethereumbusiness.eth but I think you know what I mean.