Top 10 of My 2020 Posts

This is not necessarily a top 10 list of my "best" posts or most upvote valued posts. These are just some of the posts I made in 2020 that I most enjoyed creating.

1.) "Open Source Tricorders"

This is a combination of some of my favorite things: technology, open source and inspiration from the science fiction genre.

2.) "Pee-wee's Playhouse Ended Badly"

I was going to post a review of the Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas special a few days ago but since I already mocked the series' final episode this year I decided to save that post for next Christmas.

3.) "Nickelodeon's Worst Superhero"

I am the one who started the #SuperheroSlanderSaturday tag on Except for a few rare examples such as @iamraincrystal using it I am virtually the only one who uses that tag. Maybe in 2021 my tag that questions the authority of self-appointed vigilantes will catch on.

I also have done posts about the Adventures of Milkman and Bananaman. Yeah, just randomly generate those superheroes. There are no stupid ideas just stupid superhero concepts.

4.) "What if Big Bird Had Died in the Challenger Disaster?"

I am not the first one on the internet to have written about how Caroll Spinney "almost was" the first member of the Space Flight Participant Program. As far as I can tell though I was the first on the internet to actually seriously examine what that might have been like had that happened.

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5.) "Reverse Engineering Rick Sanchez's Portal Gun"

I created the Wakanda community because I am interested in fictional technology and I enjoy speculating on how that technology would work in "real life". There will be more posts like that written by me in the years to come.

6.) "Holovision Reviews: Partridge Family 2200 A.D."

Just like the Pee-wee's Playhouse post listed above I mockingly reviewed another pilot episode. That gives you an idea of what my style is.

7.) "Teslapunk"

Since I will be focusing on more STEM-related content in 2021 this is going to be a subject I am returning to after neglecting it for several months. It will also provide an opportunity to do some creative writing for posts.

8.) "What if the DeLorean Never Existed?"

Like the post about Big Bird's actor dying in 1986 listed above I wanted to write a post for my Alternate History community that wasn't clichéd but as interesting as a post about the South winning the American Civil War or the Nazis winning WWII would have been.

9.) "Justin Sun's Guide to Cryptocurrency"

I transitioned myself from the "other blockchain" during several months but I did make an honest attempt to get banned from the "other blockchain". This faux blog post I attributed to @justinsunsteemit on April Fools' Day wasn't enough to make that happen.

I made reference in the post to a second chapter. I would like to post a sequel to that post but I am not sure if that would be as timely on April 1, 2021 as the original post was when the controversy of the hardfork split was fresh in the minds of the users. If anyone has any opinions about that please feel free to post them in the comments section.

10.) "Creative Contraption: Ghost Gonculator"

If I had the money I would have patented this while keeping it open source. Obviously I would have had to design better circuitry to get it past the scrutiny of a patent examiner; that would be a few hours of work. I would love to have a patent number assigned to this and tell everyone who would listen how my getting such a ridiculous invention patented proves U.S. intellectual property law needs to be reformed.