Timeless Renewal: Five Reasons to be Excited

I am sick and tired of waiting for NBC to announce officially whether or not Timeless will be renewed. Since there's nothing in gun control law against jumping the gun I am just going to assume Timeless will be renewed. If I am wrong then I'll just post a list of five reasons why you should be upset Timeless wasn't renewed for a third season.

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5. More Conspiracy: Season two dealt with sleeper agents placed, as we've seen so far, mostly in the twentieth century. It's inferred that Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjić) had already been dealing with them in season one but that was off-screen. Season two also saw the introduction of Nicholas Keynes (Michael Rady) who began masterminding level two of the Rittenhouse conspiracy in the present day 21st century. Whether there's still more to the plan of altering history other than gaining control of society has yet to be revealed.

4. A New Balance of Power: Ever since Anthony Bruhl (Matt Frewer) installed the plutonium core from a 1962 atomic bomb to power the Mothership; Rittenhouse has had the ability to make more time jumps in a shorter amount of time while the Lifeboat would have to be slowly recharged off electricity from the power grid. In most other technical aspects the Mothership and Lifeboat time machines are comparable since they are based off the same template. However, at the end of season two a future version of the Lifeboat appeared and now, depending on how season three plays out, at least for a short while the Mason team will now have something Rittenhouse doesn't have: The means to go back to points within their own lifetimes.

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3. More History Nuggets: The lesser known historical figures such as Alice Paul (Erica Dasher) or William B. Travis (David Chisum) helps to add spice to a good romp through American history. Also, sometimes you just need to be reminded that historical events are a little more complicated than just saying Benedict Arnold (played by Curtis Caravaggio) was a traitor.

2. Speaking of Traitors.... After a trip to 1941 to prevent Rittenhouse's plot of stealing the only copy of Citizen Kane and erasing the go-to topic for film snobs from history; the team returns to a present day timeline in which Wyatt's (Matt Lanter) wife Jessica (Tonya Glanz) is now alive. Of course bringing Jessica back is a Rittenhouse scheme so obvious Stevie Wonder could have seen it. However, love is ultra blind for Wyatt and he takes too long putting the clues together. Now that Jessica is a Rittenhouse agent Wyatt's relationship with Lucy (Abigail Spencer) might start up again...or be weird. It's good either way.

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1. We Get a Season Three!: Need any more be written on the topic? Very well. Once again Timeless beat the long shot and avoided getting cancelled. Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) will probably be brought back, even if it would turn out to be for just one more episode that would still be great. Heck, maybe Nicholas Keynes will also return from the dead if loose lips sink ships. Maybe I'll finally get to see that Nikola Tesla episode (hint, hint) that I am sure an all-loving God wants the Timeless writers to make.

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