Timeless Cancellation: Five Reasons to Be Upset

There are a lot of upset people right now but sooner or later we need to discuss this. It's painful but it is something that must be done...

NBC canceled Timeless.

Sad but true. A while back I made a post of five reasons to be excited for Timeless being renewed. Obviously I did that way too early with optimism and I was wrong. I don't regret posting that list. I stand by those being excellent reasons.

Photo: My parody of an NBC title card based on an official ABC title card. 

So, now for the evil sibling of that previous five reasons list nobody wants. Five reasons to be upset Timeless was canceled.

5. What Exactly is the Conspiracy?

All the fans have is some outline that Rittenhouse was doing something big. Rittenhouse was altering history but exactly to what end? In the beginning Rittenhouse was already powerful but there was always the shadow that they wanted more and only changing history could give them what they wanted. Exactly what kind of society was the goal for Rittenhouse? We may never know.

4. No Guarantee of a Satisfying Conclusion

I was wrong predicting Timeless would get a third season. I would be glad if I am also wrong predicting we've seen the end of Timeless. There are fans hopeful that Hulu or Netflix will pick the series up but I don't think that will happen. If a two-hour series finale gets ordered by NBC it wouldn't be the same as a full third season. Even with the greatest writers it isn't possible to end a series that has been on for two seasons within such a short amount of time. Things will be left out or skipped over.

Photo Source: nerdist.com

3. No More History Lessons

Timeless had a style of telling a good story about American history. The stories often involved figures who were contemporary to the time period being visited but not as well known to the public. Not many shows can make that claim let alone deliver on it.

2. What Could Possibly Replace it?

I really don't like writing this part of the list because it requires me to think about this point. Oh, NBC! I don't watch your channel that often and now there's less reason to do so. There aren't that many good time travel genre shows on right now so what are you going to fill that time slot vacuum with? Probably another crime drama like the ones on FOX, ABC, CBS and maybe QVC for all I know. I will admit NBC does try though. Powerless was a good attempt at not doing what others do with a genre. NBC brought us freakin' Quantum Leap but now I think NBC is doing what it did when it didn't renew Voyagers! for a second season back in the early 1980s.

1. I Don't Get My Dream of a Nikola Tesla Episode!

I know that's a little selfish for a number one reason on a list like this. There was never anything to indicate the character of Nikola Tesla would ever be on Timeless. It's just in my head that someone who has already played the character such as Dmitry Chepovetsky would be in an episode helping to repair the time machine as it was stuck in the Progressive Era. However, a promo was run on the NBC network showing an alternate history where Amelia Earhart doesn't go missing. The fans never got to see that incorporated into an episode. Now due to cancellation we probably never will see it.

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