Time is POB Tokens

Has anyone created a countdown clock for the Proof of Brain token halving set to occur in 2025? I know a precise second countdown is nearly impossible but a countdown approximation to that date can be made.

Modified Image Source: pbslearningmedia.org

At minimum there could be a block countdown to POB halving. The 50% POB reward reduction set on block 51,787,627 occurs 42000000 blocks after that. Counting down blocks until 93,787,628 might be exciting. 30 million blocks to go...15 million...10 million...5 million...

Yesterday daylight saving time in California ended for 2021 and today I reached 12,000+ POB staked. As a rule of thumb I can countdown to January 01, 2025 for the POB halving. That's around two months early but enough room for error for my POB staking goal.

I had 12,000 POB staked today and I want to get to 50,000 staked POB by 2025. To get 38,000 more POB tokens in 27,600 hours I need to stake an average of (purposely not using significant digits in this calculation) 1.413 POB every hour.

Every day I need to stake an average of 33.912 POB. I can use these numbers to keep track of my goal and know how much POB I should be staking at any given time. If I buy 33.912 POB on hive-engine.com I "buy a day" toward my goal. Currently the cost to "buy an hour" toward my goal is 0.18369 SWAP.HIVE.

How much is my time worth between now and January 01, 2025? I now have the answer.

Image Source: google.com