Thinking About Steemit Site Crash

Around 24 hours ago the steem blockchain went down. For several hours no new blocks were being generated. This had adverse effects to the steem-related sites we all love. went down. DTube went in and out of service. This really didn't make "decentralized" look good. I now realize that I really do need to start moving some of this material to my private site. After putting all this work into posts I would hate to lose it all with no way to retrieve it.

I used to post often on the forum. That forum no longer exists but some of it was archived by the Wayback Machine. Most of my posts I can't seem to find in the archive. I can find my profile though.

The story of what happened to that forum is a long weird story and I am sure I don't even know half of the details behind the events. Someone on at the time the alienscientist forum began to fall apart quoted posts I made describing some of the problems that were being experienced. I just found that today in a web search.

I'd estimate about a quarter to a third of my posts on the alienscientist forum were about something I wanted to start a discussion about. The rest were replies to what other forum members wrote. A lot of great information shared in the forum seems lost now. Sad as it is at least I still have the great memories of being on that forum. I hope I never write such a similar thing about steemit.

I might end up writing such a thing though in the future. Someday I'll post my opinions about the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951. For some reason whenever I write about that subject "technical problems" always seem to occur.

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