The @xyzashu Cub Finance Hoax

A week ago @xyzashu posted in my opinion an ill-thought-out "prank". After a week the post seems to me more like something of a badly planned hoax. That's the gist of this post. If you're the kind of person @xyzashu seemed to want to target you can move on to the next post after scrolling down and upvoting this post. Life is short. You've got things to do.

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Last week @xyzashu made a post about the @leofinance Cub Finance project being hacked. Complete with an uncredited source image of an empty wallet. The first few paragraphs were worded in a way to induce FUD with a call to action to withdraw liquidity "immediately". You know, so users wouldn't have the time to scroll down to read the back-ended cubs with COVID-19 and disclaimer.

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I don't know how @xyzashu was able to conclude that nobody had acted on the title of his post. Someone could have acted, looked at the comments before posting a thank you; because you know, @xyzashu's call to action was "immediately", and felt embarrassed to leave a reply then. The accuracy of self-reporting can be quite low so presumably that wasn't the empirical evidence. Somehow @xyzashu was able to make that "sad" determination. The converse being @xyzashu would have been happy had someone acted "immediately".

I replied on April 2nd pointing out that April Fools' Day was over and the post should be edited for clarification before someone seeing it after the fact did act. A week later there's no update to the post's beginning clarifying it was a "ha-ha! Fooled you!". The headline is still the same. Someone seeing that a day or two later might have panicked and it wouldn't have been a simple "April Fools' Day prank" then.

Is @xyzashu doubling down on a bad prank? Was April Fools' Day just an excuse to try to spread some FUD with a slapped on disclaimer to prevent libel claims? I don't know. All I do know is that @xyzashu doesn't quite understand what a proper April Fools' Day prank is.

Important Disclosure:

@xyzashu probably didn't commit a hoax in the legal sense. This post's title was made with a similar playful spirit that @xyzashu engaged in.

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