Can ChatGPT Write a Leofinance Blog Post For Me?

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Hello fellow humans. I have been making a few posts lately about the amazing ChatGPT. Perhaps your three pounds of meat you refer to as a "brain" has wondered whether ChatGPT can just write all your Hive blog posts from now on. Maybe this post itself was written by artificial intelligence.

Let's be honest. ChatGPT can't automate the whole Hive blogging process - yet. There are websites and applications that can reasonably identify if content was generated by a.i. writing tools. There are also ways to get around it so right now it is a sort of "arms race". Search engines may lower your SEO ranking if it identifies a.i, generated content on your website. Some on Hive might downvote a.i. generated content just the same as if it were plagiarized.

One of the uses I've seen often mentioned about ChatGPT on the internet is how it can easily generate content for websites and blogs.

Let's do the BuzzFeed thing and see just how little effort I can get away with creating low effort content of questionable value for society using ChatGPT for this Hive blog post starting

First I need to have the idea. ChatGPT won't do everything of course. My target audience today is LeoFinance and like BuzzFeed I'll just have ChatGPT write a blog post about the first wacky thing that pops into my mind and make it a "top 5" list.


Prompt: List 5 ways a person can become rich with a time machine that don't involve paradoxes.

  1. Investing in stocks: A person could use their knowledge of future stock market trends to invest in companies that will become successful in the future, allowing them to earn a significant return on their investment.
  2. Creating new technologies: A person could use their knowledge of future technologies to invent new products or services that will be in high demand in the future, allowing them to generate significant revenue.
  3. Real estate: A person could use their knowledge of future land development to invest in property that will increase in value over time, allowing them to make a profit when they sell the property in the future.
  4. Art and antiques: A person could use their knowledge of future art and antiques market to buy and sell valuable pieces, becoming rich from the appreciation of the value of the art.
  5. Philanthropy: A person could use their wealth to make significant contributions to charitable causes or to fund important scientific or technological advancements, and become known as a generous philanthropist.

It's important to note that all this examples are based on the assumption that the time traveler can accurately predict the future, which is impossible and uncertain. The examples provided are also based on the assumption that the time traveler would not disrupt the normal course of history, otherwise, it could lead to paradoxes that would change the course of history.

There is a problem here with the ChatGPT generated content. The blog post it wrote is actually too low effort. It would be great for BuzzFeed because, you know, it's BuzzFeed but for a LeoFinace post it has a lot of bone but not much meat.

There is also another issue with posting this to the LeoFinance community and not BuzzFeed. There is good engagement and bad engagement on LeoFinance. On BuzzFeed any engagement is "good" because that is website traffic and eyes on the content which results in advertising revenue. On LeoFinance someone is going to point out in a reply that number one on the list is arguably insider trading. Another user will reply that the first four suggestions seem to actually be bootstrap paradoxes. ChatGPT seemed to ignore the "don't involve paradoxes" part of my prompt. Later another user will reply to the post pointing out that for suggestion five on the list I wouldn't even need a time machine. All I would need to do is start a charity and appoint myself CEO to get a large paycheck. That's not profiting from time travel. That's just creating a job for myself.

Reply hijinks and downvotes ensue wiping out my low effort post payout before the seven day window lapses.

Maybe I can get a better fifth suggestion that would be a better fit on the list before posting this content.


Prompt: Suggest an alternate fifth idea from previous response.

An alternate fifth idea for becoming rich with a time machine without involving paradoxes could be:

Insider trading: A person could use their knowledge of future events such as mergers, acquisitions, or financial results to make profitable trades in the stock market without breaking any laws or regulations.

The first suggestion on the list generated by ChatGPT might be considered insider trading. Now ChatGPT is literally suggesting insider trading.

Fine. I'll put even more effort into this. It's starting to be a post backed by more than bare minimum effort.

As a human being with a brain I'll come up with my own fifth suggestion for the list. If I have a time machine I can first check The Lost Media Wiki go back in time to recover some media that wasn't preserved and no known copies exist in 2023.

Since I don't want to have paradoxes all I would need to do is get a cheap $25 portable AM/FM radio that records to a Micro SD card and go back in time. Record some AM broadcasts of lost radio dramas. Maybe the 1921 Epsom Derby horse race broadcast by Marconi. Maybe put some money on Humorist to win while back in 1921. I can get some pre-1921 US currency from a coin collector or if I am more daring buy Gold Certificate bill reproductions (a.k.a. counterfeit). If the bookie accept those reasonable facsimile bills I can launder the replicas for actual legal tender to trade at a local bank for gold before leaving 1921. Don't you wish the United States was still on the gold standard?

Probably better to just passively record radio broadcasts and not interact with the people of the past though. Just a quick smash (of the space-time continuum) and grab of lost media before it gets lost.

I already know the next answer but I want to get back on track of generating low effort blog content.


Prompt: Can someone make money from finding lost media?

Yes, it is possible for someone to make money from finding lost media. There are a few ways that this could be achieved:

Selling rights to the media: If the lost media is a valuable piece of art, film, music, or literature, the finder could potentially sell the rights to the media to a publisher, studio, or record label.

Auctioning off the media: If the lost media is a unique or valuable piece, such as a rare book or a historical artifact, the finder could auction it off to the highest bidder.

Using the media as a basis for a new work: If the lost media is in the public domain, the finder could use it as a basis for a new work, such as a film adaptation or a musical score, and earn money from the new work.

Creating a merchandise line: If the lost media is popular or has a dedicated fan base, the finder could create a merchandise line such as T-shirts, mugs, or other items with the image or logo of the media, and sell them to fans.

Creating a crowdfunding campaign: If the lost media is a historical or cultural artifact, the finder could create a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the preservation and restoration of the media, and earn money from the campaign.

It's important to note that finding and profiting from lost media can be a complex process and might involve legal issues such as copyright and trademark laws, and it could also involve the rights of the creator or the copyright holder of the media. It's always better to consult an expert in the field to make sure that you are not breaking any laws or regulations.

All the radio broadcasts before January 1, 1978 are covered by the U.S. Copyright Act of 1909 and the majority of those are public domain by the current year 2023. It was a protection of 28 years and then the copyright could be renewed once for an additional 28 years.

To finish this attempt at low effort blog posting I'll ask ChatG{T to come up with possible blog post titles.


Prompt: Suggest possible titles for a blog post about 5 ways a person can become rich with a time machine that don't involve paradoxes.

  1. "Becoming Rich with a Time Machine: 5 Paradox-Free Strategies"
  2. "5 Ways to Make a Fortune with Time Travel: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Paradox"
  3. "The Timeless Guide to Wealth: How to Make Money with a Time Machine"
  4. "Riches Through Time: Exploring Non-Paradoxical Methods of Making Money with Time Travel"
  5. "Money and Time: How to Build Wealth without Creating a Paradox"
  6. "Mastering the Time-Space Continuum: 5 Ways to get Rich without Breaking the Rules"
  7. "From Past to Prosperity: Exploring the Potential of Time Travel for Financial Gain"
  8. "Achieve Financial Freedom through Time Travel: 5 Paradox-Free Methods to Build Wealth"
  9. "How to get rich with a time machine: A guide to making money without altering the course of history"
  10. "Money and Time: A guide to get rich without creating a temporal paradox."