The #SuperheroSlanderSaturday Tag

by John Jonah Jameson Jr.

Earlier today @iamraincrystal made a post on about fictional superheroes being non-existent. Yes, that's technically true. There are, however, regular people who act as "real-life superheroes". People who literally dress up in costume and patrol their city. For example, Phoenix Jones who is a mixed martial artist that wears a black and gold "supersuit". Oh, and on January 9, 2020 Phoenix Jones was arrested on drug charges for allegedly trying to sell to an undercover cop. I can't find anything on Google News after February so the case against Phoenix Jones may be on hold due to court closings resulting from the global pandemic.

For an example of a "real-life superhero" on the Hive platform who has fallen from grace @superheroes has a negative reputation number and appears to have been defeated by @spaminator.

So, "real-life superheroes" usually are worse than the average person. Failed or not, any superhero, fictional or not, needs to have a skeptical public who are free to question and hold the superheroes accountable. Superheroes can lose their way or be brainwashed. Any superhero could be a ticking bomb that will destroy society because they have one bad day.

Using the #SuperheroSlanderSaturday tag isn't just nice alliteration. It's embracing the freedom that superheroes supposedly fight to protect.

Planet Krypton exploded. Supposedly it was natural causes that destroyed it. Then years later a guy using the pseudonym of Superman shows up and causes destruction to private and city property when fighting to "save the day". This man also happens to be from Krypton and coincidentally left the planet just as Krypton was about to be destroyed.

Superman's main proofs that he wasn't responsible for Krypton's destruction is that he was a baby at the time of Krypton's explosive end and some talking crystals that are allegedly his father's voice. Maybe Superman was a baby that got adopted by human parents but that doesn't exclude the possibility Superman is really a renegade Time Lord that regenerated to be a baby. Those talking crystals are alien technology. Earthlings don't have any forensic technique to verify the authenticity of those alien crystal recordings. Humans have no idea how easy or hard it is to counterfeit such an item. All humans really have is a god-like alien's word on what the truth of his background is.

Anyone who dares to question Superman such as Lex Luthor tends to be portrayed as "the bad guy". Superman makes himself a high profile public figure by assaulting criminals, aliens, robots or whatever Superman deems a threat; often before a court has a chance to make that kind of qualified judgement and issues a warrant.


As Americans we have the First Amendment right to speak and write about public figures like Superman or Batman. Yes, even mockingly roasting the "good guys" is protected speech. It's such an important aspect of free speech that the burden of proof in defamation legal actions is higher in the case of a public figure than it would be speaking and writing about an ordinary person.

But it seems in Metropolis most people just sing Superman's praises without question. It would be healthy once in a while if they did. If you question your politicians than you should equally question your superhuman self-appointed protectors.