The Problem With 1990s Sports Movies

I currently live in Los Angeles county. I know that a lot of people right now are blaming the most recent surge in coronavirus on the Lakers and Dodgers games. However, I know that's not the real cause. All those people celebrating their sports and spreading the pandemic are simply the brainwashed victims of 1990s sports movies.

Most of those adults in Los Angeles now were kids growing up in the 1990s when there were way, way too many sports movies for kids. Movies with a dog that could play any given sport not just equal but more expert to the humans. Bugs Bunny playing basketball against aliens from space. Kids playing hockey thinking they were ducks or something. I don't know. They weren't on the Sci-Fi channel so I didn't watch them.

What weren't there enough movies of? Pandemics. There was 12 Monkeys and Outbreak and that was pretty much it. If some of that box office money going to an oversaturated sports movie market had instead gone to more movies about disease outbreaks then maybe the general public would be a little more conscious about what is currently happening.