The Politics of Alternate History

It's because of YouTube channels such as AlternateHistoryHub and the kinds of videos that are posted such as the one below that inspired me to create this alternate history community on Steemit which was later copied to Hive. Even if those YouTube channels didn't exist this community probably would but the tv show Sliders would have been the inspiration. More likely though this community would have been about worldbuilding alternate Earths.

A few days ago @quinnertronics commented on my post about the Simpsons' baby translator that The Simpsons is a cartoon not meant to be taken too seriously. Maybe that's true but thinking about things beyond face value in different ways helps to exercise inductive, deductive and abductive reasoning.

Maybe the past will always be the past. Even if time travel is never discovered or if the Novikov self-consistency conjecture prevents time travelers from altering the past alternate history thought experiments are still relevant. Speculating about the counterfactual possibilities requires examination and understanding about the past.