The End of Sciencephile (and Other YouTube Educational Videos)

I've been hoping the Sciencephile YouTube channel would eventually get around to holograms but the dream is over. The other day after a hiatus Sciencephile the AI channel uploaded a video announcing an end to its YouTube content explaining scientific principles.

According to the video the end of the channel began a few months ago when the YouTube network the channel was linked with unlinked Sciencephile the AI. If you don't know what a YouTube network is I would explain it as similar to when those guys wearing fancy suits show up at a small neighborhood store and bring up how unfortunate it would be if a Molotov cocktail were to somehow destroy the store but the guys talking about how unfortunate things could happen also just happen to somehow be able to prevent such events for a "protection" fee. Replace store with YouTube channel, incendiary device with baseless copyright claims and false flagging plus throw in some inferior music and still images to get a YouTube network.

Just as sure as death and taxes after no longer having "protection" YouTube itself came along and demonetizaed the whole Sciencephile channel. This is just the latest of seeing many YouTube channels I enjoy being treated this way and I now no longer believe YouTube is in the business of being a platform for creators. If I were creating educational video content I wouldn't trust YouTube with it.

If I were making educational video content like Sciencephile I think it's only fair in our capitalist economy that I should try to earn something from it. My time is worth something and if I am guaranteed not to make anything teaching it is a disincentive. Why should I or anyone else be afraid that when discussing the speed of light the video might offend somebody referring to a signal slower than light as "retarded" just like how countless authors of physics books and journal articles have. All those other authors enjoyed academic freedom if not pure freedom of speech and press. Those other authors also got paid or were hoping to earn some payment. Somehow though it is unrealistic for creators of content on YouTube to have similar ambition?

Fine. It's the new norm that YouTube selectively enforces its policies and creators accept the risk of getting nothing monetarily for making content, educational or otherwise, on YouTube. What if a creator has a charitable spirit and puts their valuable time into making a video about a subject such as history? Something the video creator thinks more people should be aware of like how Nazi Germany exterminated the disabled during the Aktion T4 program. Well, mentioning "Nazis" in a historical context means risking the chance that a YouTube algorithm might outright block the video or hide that video so it won't even have a fair chance showing up in recommendations. Why spend the time making an educational video for a video sharing site open to the public when it's clear other creators aren't getting equitable treatment? I think the message is clear that creators of educational content just like the creators of any other content in general are not respected or appreciated anymore by YouTube. As a user I feel my choices on what is possible to view are being decided for me by an entity collectively known as "policy specialists" and I have no vote and little say in the matter.

Godspeed Sciencephile the AI. I will keep the faith that one day you shall return to teach the ultimate lesson.

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