Super Science Friends

Super Science Friends is a Canadian animated series on YouTube created by Brett Jubinville and Tinman Creative Studios. It was originally funded as a Kickstarter project in 2014. The official site is

In 1941 British prime minister Winston Churchill used a time machine to assemble a team of history's greatest scientists - the Super Science Friends - to help fight the Nazi threat. Besides Nazis the Super Science Friends team has fought foes such as Russian cosmonauts from the future, the Pope, God and Thomas Edison.

The Super Science Friends team consists of Nikola Tesla, Tapputi, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud and a teenage clone of Albert Einstein. Each team member has an exaggerated superpower associated with their respective field of science. The team is lead by Churchill and a computer named Z3.

In my opinion this is a good quirky series. The timeline isn't consistent and it clearly isn't meant to be. Churchill time traveled from 1941 to get Tesla even though in our universe Tesla died in early 1943 and his rival Thomas Edison died in 1931. Albert Einstein was still alive in 1941 and I suspect his teenage clone was taken from the future.

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