Steemit Stuff Still Needs to be Removed

After firing that billionaire yesterday so he'll never guest blog for me again I later subscribed to @cryptobyers's YouTube channel because there are some interesting videos there about doggie coin and NFTs. There seems to be a few months delay between the YouTube postings and and I want to keep current about how some Musk guy is stealing doggie coins through a TV show.

I haven't used my YouTube account much in the last few years. Going back to it I was reminded that 2 years ago before the Hive blockchain split from that other blockchain after that insane billionaire I fired yesterday took over I uploaded a video. The video was for the first post in a radio theatre community on that other blockchain. I haven't made any other posts on that community since then and the community was ported over in the hardfork from that other blockchain. I should probably make a few posts for that community.

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The problem is that single video has the community branding for that other blockchain. I can change the image of the community introduction post. I am not sure if I should delete the video from YouTube. It's a leap year themed story from the Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar mystery drama series and was uploaded on February 29, 2020. Maybe I'll just keep that video up until February 29, 2024 and post the episode again with Hive community branding.

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