Steemhunter Assistive Technology Digest - October 26, 2018

compiled by @holovision for

Following are some recent items found by steemhunters that potentially deal with assistive technology devices or services. These are not endorsements. This is presented in this digest to show what is available and possible for people with disabilities. Also, by starting a regular digest it might hopefully encourage more steemhunters to keep the category of assistive technology devices and services in mind as they continue to hunt for more items in the future.


1. CANDY4 HD Ⅱ: Pocket size video magnifier for reading

Steemhunter: @abasifreke


Video magnifiers are quite usefully for people with visual impairments because of the flexibility of changing magnification. This device has a magnification of 2x to 20x.

2. Laddroller Wheelchair: Wheelchair can go from seated to standing position instantly

Steemhunter: @raghwendra


Laddroller combines an exoskeleton with a powered wheelchair to create a better standing powered wheelchair.

3. Mountbatten Whisperer: Device for early introduction to braille literacy

Steemhunter: @tio


This device is both a learning and writing system to introduce and use Braille literacy.

4. R82 Toucan: A Paediatric device with adjustable angles for kids

Steemhunter: @john-paul


This device is a standing frame that allows the user to remain in an upright position. Any wheelchair or static seating system is able to fit between the side bars.