Steemhunter Assistive Technology Digest - October 21, 2018

compiled by @holovision for

Following are some recent items found by steemhunters that potentially deal with assistive technology devices or services. These are not endorsements. This is presented in this digest to show what is available and possible for people with disabilities. Also, by starting a regular digest it might hopefully encourage more steemhunters to keep the category of assistive technology devices and services in mind as they continue to hunt for more items in the future.

1. BRAIGO V1.0: A Brilliant Product for Blinds by an 8th Grader

Steemhunter: @mobi72


A working Braille embosser built from Lego Mindstorms EV3 making BRAIGO a much cheaper Braille printer.

2. Coriel: Assisted & Easy Bathing For People With Limited Mobility

Steemhunter: @golddeejay


A bathing system for people with mobility issues. The device has an optional lifting system.

3. AMP Fin Swim: A swim and dive prosthetic fin providing a custom fit

Steemhunter: @sweetguy


Custom-fit prosthetic for above and below knee amputees giving mobility and freedom while swimming.

Honorable Mentions:

These might not fall under assistive technology devices or services directly but they are worth taking note of:

1. CHECKPOINT IDENTITY SERIES: Design for children who are nonverbal or unable communicate

Steemhunter: @salmannaqvi


A bracelet giving information about a person who can't communicate in case of emergency.

2. NEVMA: Gesture control Open source

Steemhunter: @difelice5000


Some assistive technology devices involve gesture control. NEVMA is open source and allows any hobbyist who is interested to experiment with gesture control technology.