Steemhunter Assistive Technology Digest - October 18, 2018

compiled by @holovision for

Following are some recent items found by steemhunters that potentially deal with assistive technology devices or services. These are not endorsements. This is presented in this digest to show what is available and possible for people with disabilities. Also, by starting a regular digest it might hopefully encourage more steemhunters to keep the category of assistive technology devices and services in mind as they continue to hunt for more items in the future.

1. R82 Cricket: lightweight compact and easy to fold wheelchair

Steemhunter: @farhannaqvi7


This manual wheelchair is meant for young kids. It is easy to carry and fold.


2. ADALap: Wheelchair tray and accessory system

Steemhunter: @salmannaqvi


The ADA Lap (pronounced "add-a-lap") is designed to be able to slide under the seat cushion of most wheelchair models. The tray is held in place by the weight of the wheelchair user but pre-drilled holes are in the tray if permanent mounting to the wheelchair is desired.


3. TOT Collar: For the treatment of torticollis

Steemhunter: @farihelper


infant torticollis or congenital muscular torticollis can happen due to positioning of the fetus in the womb or after a difficult childbirth. TOT Collar provides a stimulus to the base of the skull causing the user to move away from an incorect head position to a normal head position and maintaining the corrected head position.


4. Miniature artificial kidney

Steemhunter: @sabari18


This is a small and lightweight device with a high flux filter that allows for purification of the patient's blood through the process of peritoneal dialysis. It can be remotely controlled and monitored using a smartphone app or webportal.