Steemhunter Assistive Technology Digest - October 14, 2018

compiled by @holovision for

Following are some recent items found by steemhunters that potentially deal with assistive technology devices or services. These are not endorsements. This is presented in this digest to show what is available and possible for people with disabilities. Also, by starting a regular digest it might hopefully encourage more steemhunters to keep the category of assistive technology devices and services in mind as they continue to hunt for more items in the future.

1. Lokomat: Helping neurological patients to relearning to walk

Steemhunter: @azwarrangkuti


This device offers repetitive training for walking. As the patient's ability to walk increases the training parameters can be adjusted.

2. Armeo power:  Highly intensive product for arms rehabilitation

Steemhunter: @abasifreke


During the initial phase of hand and arm function recovery this device offers weight support and assistance during therapy. This exoskeleton uses sensors and software to monitor and adjust parameters for the patient's needs.

3. naviBelt: Blind-Assisting Navigation Belts

Steemhunter: @dwiitavita


This device uses GPS information from a smartphone to guide people who are blind or visually impaired. The belt has actuators that vibrate to indicate direction. From what I can tell on the website featuring this product the app that goes with this device is only available for iPhones.

4. FingerReader: Scanner for the Blind that reads texts from the finger

Steemhunter: @junior182


This wearable assistive technology device resembles a ring that is worn on the index finger. The camera built into the ring detects printed text and the text is read through a headset. This app would probably be useful for reading menus in restaurants and labels in a store.

5. AMOM: Custom daily assistant for people with memory problems

Steemhunter: @verasj


This is more than a dayplanner app. This app helps people with memory problems. Creating a list of daily activities this app will constantly be reminding the user of what daily everyday things needs to be done.


Honorable Mentions:

These might not fall under assistive technology devices or services directly but they are worth taking note of:

1. ZEISS: My Vision Profile Discover your individual vision habits

Steemhunter: @rtytf2


A short questionnaire on this website/mobile app helps to evaluate what possible visual aids the person taking the questionnaire might need. Of course this should not replace a proper eye examination.

2. Evo Sensor: Wearable sensor to monitor your body and health

Steemhunter: @iqbaladan


This biosensor measures things such as body temperature and respiration and sends the data for continuous monitoring of vital signs.