(Steembay) Selling Ethereum ENS Address sexiness.eth Starting at 30 SBD

Since this is an auction based on blockchain technology I am selling something that exists on a blockchain that is unique. Today, I am offering the ethereum ENS address sexiness.eth at a starting price of 30 SBD.

Photo Source: etherscan.io 

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed, open and extensible naming system based on the ethereum blockchain. It allows human readable addresses such as sexiness.eth to be resolved to a longer traditional ethereum address of a hexadecimal format. For more information about ENS I recommend reading the steemit post @cryptofacto wrote link here

The ethereum ENS address sexiness.eth has 0.01 ETH locked into the address. This helps to guarantee your investment in this address already has value on day one. 

Anybody who chooses to buy sexiness.eth can do more than resolving sexiness.eth to their personal ethereum address. The owner could also choose to create subdomains of this ENS address. You could connect your friends' ethereum addresses to sexiness.eth. Some examples of subdomains for personal use are but are not limited to:

  • yourname.sexiness.eth
  • girlfriend.sexiness.eth
  • iam.sexiness.eth

Auction Details 

I am using @steembay to run this auction. There is a full @steembay tutorial that can be read using this link.

Name of item: sexiness.eth

Quantity: 1

Type: Blockchain asset/ENS ethereum address

Starting bid: 30 SBD

Buy Now price: 100 SBD

How To Place Your Bid

  1. Reply directly to this post with "bid x". Example bid reply: bid 31.0 
  2. Wait for the bot to log your bid. You will get a reply if you are overbid.

Bids will be accepted until the end of this auction.

I will transfer sexiness.eth to the highest bidder after payment has been received and the highest bidder provides an ethereum address to transfer sexiness.eth to them. The highest bidder must make sure it is an ethereum address they control because resolving the ENS address requires control over the address (e.g. DO NOT ask me to send it to an exchange address!). It is recommended to use an ethereum wallet like MEW (MyEtherWallet). If somebody bids the 'Buy Now' price of 100.0 SBD I will end the auction after seeing the bid has been posted and the auction for this item will be over. After the payment is received sexiness.eth will be transferred to the ethereum address the highest bidder provides.

Well, that should do it. Let's start the auction.