Steem Radio/Consensus Based Radio

While looking through the list of apps built on Steem I came across Radio Steem.

I love this idea of consensus-based radio. Unfortunately though it seems this project is now defunct. The site effectively plays dead air. According to the only person working on it was @roelandp and since the project is not open sourced it looks like anybody who wants to bring back that idea has to start from scratch.

Why didn't it take off? Maybe there wasn't enough interest in the station. When I think about it having a jukebox for consensus-based radio seems rather a bad choice. Besides having to deal with the licensing fees it seems rather absurd to send 0.33 SBD/STEEM and wait for the request to be processed when the requested song could probably be found on YouTube for 0.00 SBD.

I don't have the programming skills that @roelandp has. If I did I would bring back the Steem Radio idea but not the jukebox part. I would make it actual Steem consensus-based radio. Imagine having steemit posts such as this converted into an audio format and played like public radio. To ensure that the least amount of dead air would occur possibly a floating fee for playing a post could be implemented. It could be a secondary way of promoting a post.

Maybe someone reading this might have the skill and ambition to do something like this. I am new to steemit and late to Steem Radio. It would be nice if I had a second chance to experience consensus-based radio.

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