Steem MEME Token Trade-in Now Over

Going by the steem blockchain it is now June 01, 2020 so my month-long offer to exchange burned steem MEME for hive MEME is now over. Unless there is someone who can show I somehow missed their request for a trade-in that was made during May 2020 no more hive MEME will be issued until the MemeHive tribe is up and running.

Until then for hive MEME the options are to buy it on the Hive internal DEX or wait until the MemeHive tribe is fully operational and posted memes start getting votes from users that stake their hive MEME.


The goal is to have the MemeHive tribe fully funded by August 01, 2020. Currently of the 2,000 BEE required to start a basic tribe on the Hive platform @memehive has 1,304 BEE and two buy orders for more BEE (30 BEE at 0.74 HIVE each and 146 BEE at 0.75 HIVE each).

Thanks to everyone who participated in the trade-in during May. See you all on the Hive platform!