Star Trek: Voyager EMH Mobile Emitter (3D Printed)


Almost two months ago I made a post about how Henry Starling (Ed Begley, Jr.) did nothing wrong in the Star Trek: Voyager story "Future's End" and the other characters were basically being jerks. I left out a fundamental fact that helps to demonstrate what a great humanitarian Henry Starling was because I knew I'd end up posting this later.

Because of Henry Starling the holographic doctor (Robert Picardo) got the mobile emitter that allowed for more mobility beyond the limits of the ship's holographic diodes.

I am not saying that the USS Voyager should have had a shrine to Henry Starling. Granted the ship had at least one industrial replicator which could have been used to erect statues of Starling on every class M planet they came across. That means the crew had no excuse to show some gratitude. Maybe if Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) had tried to be a better man he might have added such a statue to the Fair Haven program after the holo-characters became aware of their existence. A statue of Starling in Fair Haven could have been a symbol of freedom. No. Unfortunately Starling's addition of utility to the only medical doctor on the ship never gets acknowledged properly for the rest of the series. Not one single "thank you" for Starling's gift.

Well, I might not have the evolved ethics of the Prime Directive that would make me feel at peace watching a civilization be destroyed because I won't share a perfect solution. I might not have a replicator and suffer from economic scarcity. What I do have is a 3D printer and the ability to acknowledge that Henry Starling was trying to make Earth a better place.


By 3D printing a model of the Star Trek Voyager EMH mobile emitter posted by user Trekimann on (CC BY-NC 4.0 Creative Commons license) I am reminded each time I see it that Henry Starling was killed while trying to get to the future so that he could bring better technology back to 1996. Most Klingons can only wish to die so honorably.


I like how well the outline of the mobile emitter's exposed circuitry turned out. This was done with a 0.4mm nozzle.


Thank you Henry Starling for making it possible for the star of Star Trek: Voyager to get even more time in the stories. Now all Paramount has to do is give us the adventure we deserve. The holographic doctor teaming up with Star Trek: TOS star Sulu (George Takei) in an epic fight against the imperial CBS empire.


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