Star Trek Escape Pods

A few months ago the Certifiably Ingame YouTube channel posted a video about escape pods and survival in the Star Trek universe.

I guess the closest present-day equivalent to drifting in space waiting to be be rescued would be living in a nuclear submarine. A nuclear submarine's main limit to how long it can remain submerged is food and supplies (generally around three months). That's almost the same as how long an Autonomous Survival and Recovery Vehicle could sustain one individual as mentioned in the above video.

The escape pods don't have a warp core so I think they also don't generate energy through matter-antimatter annihilation. The power source for escape pods is probably fusion based.

Whether or not escape pods have emergency replicators is unclear. I wouldn't be surprised if there were instead older fashioned protein synthesizers and the breaking down of waste was done using nanotechnology.

The best case scenario I would hope for is to be on a shuttle prepped for evacuation with at least one engineer as a fellow companion. This is the Star Trek Universe after all. A lot can happen while drifting in space waiting to be rescued. Every other week something would either be breaking down my atomic structure, spatial anomalies would be fouling the sensors or there would be a temporal anomaly that may or may not have been caused by Q. As long as I am not wearing a red shirt I should be fine.