Massive Power Up, Staking Over 5,000 VYB Now

Earlier this week I bought as much VYB tokens as I could afford to get. That was over one thousand VYB. Adding them to what I already had staked would have put it above 4,900. I held off staking the VYB for a little bit for a special occasion.

Today I powered up all of my unstaked VYB to my account. I now have over 5,000 staked VYB tokens.

Unlike my 50,000 staked POB tokens by 2025 goal I don't have any set goal to reach for VYB. My preference is POB token and for me VYB is more like insurance for my staked POB. If I ever need to unstake to get funds I'll unstake and drain my VYB before I touch the POB tokens staked to my @holovision account.

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