I am Staking Over 3000 POB

I now have over 3000 POB staked and according to the Proof of Brain token Richlist I am in the top 20 highest staking accounts. I am near the bottom of the top 20 staking account list but I am on the list.

Image Source: https://he.dtools.dev/richlist/POB

Maybe that's not something huge to brag about. Looking at the POB Richlist again I can see that staking Proof of Brain is almost the universal thing to do. Currently at the time of this posting only a dozen accounts have a pending unstake of more than 1.0 POB. Looking at the stats on proofofbrain.io I can see that over 90% of existing POB tokens are staked. There sure is a lot of desire for the Proof of Brain token.

Image Source: proofofbrain.io

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