Staking 9384 LEO to Reach 10k LEO

For Leo Power Up Day (June 15, 2022) I started with 615.121 LEO staked to @holovision and added 9384.879 LEO to reach an even 10,000 staked LEO to my main account.

This isn't for @leogrowth's LPUD challenge though. That would be too early. The challenge post states " ... the 15th of June (PST) ... ". When this is posted it will still be January 14th in the People's Republic of California. It's January 15th by UTC.

My actual @leogrowth LPUD challenge entry will be posted later on June 15th after I stake 200 LEO to my alternate account. My alternate account is also where I will post future LPUD challenge entries.

This LEO power up was just to celebrate the day and get my main @holovision account to 10k staked LEO. already has 15K staked LEO and I would like to work on increasing that more.

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