Sometimes Securing and Protecting is too Easy

Two weeks ago I posted about Site-42: SCP Foundation Fanworks YouTube channel's video series about popular media characters NOT being SCPs but if they were. What I am doing now is working on one post using that formula and after posting that I plan to have a poll for the next "is NOT an SCP but if it were" post to follow.

Sometimes items that ARE an SCP make it super easy to develop a containment procedure for it like NOT a real SCP but a joke SCP-4357-J by user Drewbear.

Not related but another funny SCP narration video I wanted to slip in. SCP-2710 by user Dmatix. The beginning is dry but the video gets more entertaining after the first minute and a half. After six minutes the video gets hilarious.

Apparently the voice "summoned" the second character saying, "Deer before my arrows." The second character is Saturn Deer. I know quite a bit about the SCP Foundation but had to go to the forum to understand this SCP entry which isn't a tale.


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