Some of My Favorite Fan Theories

1. Gilligan's Island: The Epic Drug Deal Failure

This fan theory makes way, way too much sense. You can read the whole fan theory here on this link.

The theory seeks to explain why so much luggage, clothes and money are brought on "a three hour tour". The basic idea is that Thurston Howell III (Jim Backus) was planning on making a drug deal at sea when the weather started getting know the rest. The extra luggage and clothes were in case the Coast Guard started pursuing them and they would have to flee to South America.

Thurston Howell III rented a pathetic vessel compared to what he could easily afford manned by two ex-navy vets (Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr.) who could be bought off. Ginger (Tina Louise) provided the Hollywood drug connections. "The Professor" (Russell Johnson) was brought along because his scientific knowledge could be utilized to verify the authenticity of the drugs being bought.

The fan theory in the link above contends that Mary Anne (Dawn Wells) was a drug enforcement agent. I don't really think that is the case. My spin on the fan theory is that Thurston Howell III rigged the Hawaiian vacation contest so Mary Anne would win it. My conclusion is that "Kansas farm girl" translates to "hemp growing queen".

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2. The Flintstones is Really About Our Future

The video below covers the theory but there is just one piece of evidence I need to validate this fan theory. Who celebrates Christmas in the B.C. era? Nobody is supposed to because the birth of Jesus is strictly an A.D. thing. However, the Flintstones celebrate Christmas. Case closed.

3. Fox Mulder Really is Cray Cray

This could easily be my number one fan theory if it wasn't for episodes such as "Sunshine Days" which I have trouble logically forcing into this theory to make it headcanon for me. The video states that Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) is rarely, if ever seen being assigned a case. There are examples in which Mulder is seen being assigned a case such as the episode "Folie a Deux" and other times are probably off-screen. The F.B.I. might be assigning Mulder to cases with no clear federal laws being broken simply to get him out of the office.

4. Doc Brown: Hypocrite With a Time Machine

Isn't it almost always the case that the person who is most vocally against something is the most guilty of doing that same thing? Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) may be adamant about not violating history but is Doc Brown arrogant enough about his intelligence to believe that he knows how to get away with it? After all, the character of Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland) is modeled after Doc Brown.

I actually made a post on steemit a few months ago about this fan theory. A post which almost nobody upvoted. Just sayin'. I like this theory because it helps explain why Doc Brown threw the almanac in the robotic trash can but let Marty keep the hoverboard.