Slothman Character Profile

Name: Slothman
Real Name: Paul Slowpoke
Pronouns: He/Him/Inert

Appearance: What do you mean he looks like another superhero that already exists? Maybe that's so but parody falls under the "fair use" doctrine of U.S. copyright law. If you can't handle that level of suspended disbelief then why are you even interested in superheroes?

Image Source: Stable Diffusion

Abilities: Despite his slow appearance, Slothman is incredibly fast and agile. He has heightened senses and is able to detect danger from a distance. He has enhanced strength and is able to hold onto objects for long periods of time. Slothman's most powerful ability is his "Sloth Touch," which allows him to slow down time for a brief period, giving him an advantage in dangerous situations.

Personality: Slothman is a laid-back, slow-moving hero when not in battle who takes his time to think through problems. He's patient and determined, never giving up on a challenge. He values justice and is always willing to help those in need, even if it means putting himself in harm's way.

As a regular sloth in Slothburg Paul Slowpoke is a peaceful and laid-back individual. He spends his days reading, taking naps, and enjoying the slow pace of life in Slothburg. Despite his slow and relaxed exterior, he is very curious and observant, often taking the time to watch and learn about the world around him.

He is well-liked by his fellow sloths and is known for his kind and gentle demeanor. Despite his slow movements, he is quick to offer help and support to those in need. In his regular sloth form, he is content living a quiet life in Slothburg, but always stands ready to transform into Slothman and protect wherever he is needed.

Backstory: Slothman was once a regular anthropomorphic sloth, living a slow and peaceful life in a large metropolitan city called Slothburg. One day, he was exposed to a mysterious energy source that gave him his powers. He soon realized that with his newfound abilities, he had a responsibility to use them to protect others and fight against injustice whereever he is. And thus, Slothman was born, a defender of Slothburg against harm. (slow clapping)


  • "Slow and steady wins the race."
  • "I may often move slow, but I always get the job done...sooner or later."
  • "Justice never sleeps...unless it's Slothman."
  • "Don't worry, I've got this. It just takes a little more time."
  • "Sometimes the slow approach is the best approach."
  • "It's not the speed, it's the power that counts."