Hive Stock Images - Simple Math

For this #hivestockimages post I've made a "simple math" image. A few days ago @savvyplayer posted the official rules for his math mini-contest and used a math image that would be psychologically intimidating for most people. I am sure that scaring the left side of the mathematician Bell curve wasn't @savvyplayer's intention. @savvyplayer is more of a trickster that randomly posts problems that have no solution in order to weaponize my bias that there should always be a solution against me.

Apparently @savvyplayer couldn't find any simple math images in the public domain and the math equivalent of the ransom note effect was the best image @savvyplayer could find on Pixabay. I couldn't find a simple math image on any #hivestockimages posts either so I made one. Now there is no legitimate excuse for striking fear and diminishing the confidence of the average Hive user when it comes to math.

I created this image by writing on a piece of paper and scanning it as an image. You don't have to include me as a beneficiary but please credit @holovision as the source of the image if you use it in a Hive post. This @hive-118554 post can be used as a guide on how to credit contributors such as myself. Thank you.

Possible use in posts about:

  • Mathematics
  • Education
  • Science
  • Problem Solving/Reasoning
  • Cognitive Science
  • ect.


Image Source: @holovision