Should I Let @cheetah Catch Me?

I know I promote my site at the bottom of every post yet I haven't put much content on it. The original plan was to cross-post what I publish on this steemit blog. However, while learning about steemit I found out about this bot @cheetah which would more likely than not see both the content on this blog and on and post a comment that the content on this blog is similar to that on I don't have a problem with the way @cheetah does what it does. Personally, I just want to consider how a casual first time visitor new to steemit might see that comment and interpret what I am posting. Obviously I would prefer to avoid even the appearance of plagiarism. I am still considering whether or not to cross-post my material on both sites.

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I've also found out about another bot on and I really, really don't like what I am seeing it do. I am doing some research about it and I hope to post about it in a few days.

Back on topic: In the end @cheetah constantly commenting on my posts might not be that bad. Once holographic television commercially takes off I might end up selling to the Google elite for a few million dollars. Right now I am weird but a few million dollars would promote me to the status of eccentric.

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